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It is the live broadcasting picture from Niseko roadside station “Niseko view plaza”

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Niseko Village Festival




Let’s have fun at the Niseko Village’s “Food & Music Event”!

There is a lot to enjoy, starting with delicious food from the sea and the land, furthermore you can enjoy workshops, life performance and a grant fireworks display!

The event will be held at the new shopping area “Shopping & Dining” at “The Village”! Eat, drink and enjoy this summer at Niseko Village’s “Food & Music Event”!

Time: 2018. 08. 25 (Sat)

Event start: 3:00 pm – 8:30 pm

Place: Niseko Village, “Shopping & Dining” (“The Village”)

Fees: Entrance is free, all other fees and prices are decided by the individual shop

More information here.