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Niseko Japonica Drawing Contest


Application Deadline: 14th of January 2019 (arrival)
Winner announcement: February the 1st 2019 (Fri)
Exhibition: February the 1st till February the 3rd 2019 (14:00 – 19:00)


Applications for the Niseko Japonica Drawing Contest has started

Last year we got countless applications for our drawing contest and we are also looking forward to all of your application this year!
The winners await some gorgeous prizes, so let your imagination run wild and project your dreams on the paper!

Application paper:
Download the application paper from the link below.


*It is necessary to print out the picture for the contest in A4 format! Formats other than A4 are not accepted!

Allowed tool for the contest:
Coloured pencil. Crayon, felt pen, pastel and other are allowed just make sure all is in colour! Greyscale or monochromes are not accepted!

Application Deadline: 14th of January 2019 (arrival)

Winner announcement and exhibition:
The winners will be announced on the Niseko Resort Tourist Association website on February the 1st 2019 (Fri). The Pictures of the winners and as well as everyone else’s pictures are going to be displayed at the event “Niseko Japonica 2019” in the Denpun Kojo, from February the 1st till February the 3rd 2019 (14:00 – 19:00)!

How to apply:
Fill in all the necessary forms and send your coloured picture to the requested address before the deadline ends!

“Niseko Japonica Executive Committee Office”
Niseko Resort Tourist Association Co.,Ltd. 142, Aza Hondori,Niseko-cho,Abuta-gun,Hokkaido 048-1512

Applications are also accepted at:
JR Niseko Station Tourist Information, Michi no Eki View Plaza, Niseko Town Hall Office for Commerce Industry and Tourism (Shokokankoka), Niseko Residents Center (Chomin Center), Niseko Chuo Soko Gun

Other important remarks:
Applications can be made only by one Person
Applications won’t be sent back
The rights for the application will be with the event organizer
The applications may be displayed at other events
Applications that are not the requested coloured picture will be disqualified
While being displayed name, age and hometown of the applicant are also shown

Ikoi no Yuyado Iroha
The Green Leaf Niseko
Hilton Niseko Village
Hotel Niseko Alpen
Niseko Anuppuri Onsen Yugokorotei
Niseko Annupuri International Ski Ground
Niseko Grand Hotel
Niseko Konbu Onsen Tsuruga Besso Moku no Sho
Niseko Konbu Onsen Hotel Kanro no Mori
Niseko Northern Resort Annupuri
Niseko Village
Niseko Moiwa Ski Ground
One Niseko Resort Towers

For Questions contact:
“Niseko Japonica Executive Committee Office” (Niseko Resort Tourist Association)
Tel: 0136-44-2468
Niseko Japonica Facebook