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It is the live broadcasting picture from Niseko roadside station “Niseko view plaza”

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Ski ground opening postponed!

The opening of the "Niseko Annupuri International Ski Ground" will be postponed! The original openi...


BBQ House Moku Moku Tei's closing dates November

The BBQ House Moku Moku Tei is closed in November during the following days. November, 5th (Tues)...


Closing of the “Panorama Line” for the winter season

Road 66 (aka Panorama Line) from Iwanai to Toya will be closed from the Kyowa town Oikomi 744-1 Gate...


New "Hardy Goods"!!!

Hello everyone! Did you know the JR Niseko Station has its own Mascot? ? It’s a dog and her name...


Google Street View - Inside the Niseko View Plaza

Everyone Hello! We are happy to announce to you all, the inside of the Niseko View Plaza has succ...


“Toya-Kutchan Access Bus” in service from July 24th!

Again, this year we are happy to announce the lunch of the “Toya-Kutchan Access Bus”! This bus will...


End of Road 66's (the Panorama Line) winter traffic restrictions!

Road No. 66 Iwanai Toya Line (also known as “Panorama Line”) The road will be opened again from, ...


“Niseko Green Bike Plus”, Rental Electric Assisted Bicycles & Electric Scooters

This year again, the Niseko Resort Tourist Association will rent “Niseko Green Bike Plus”, Electric ...


Welcome to Niseko this Autumn and Winter

Welcome to Niseko this Autumn and Winter As all of you know there was a big earthquake in Hokkai...


Collect all “Hokkaido Kake Hashi Cards”

Hey, have you ever heard of the “Hokkaido Kake Hashi Card”?! The “Hokkaido Kake Hashi Card” was cre...