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It is the live broadcasting picture from Niseko roadside station “Niseko view plaza”

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Collect all “Hokkaido Kake Hashi Cards”



Hey, have you ever heard of the “Hokkaido Kake Hashi Card”?!
The “Hokkaido Kake Hashi Card” was created, so people can get more informed about bridges. By making people feel more connected to bridges, it is hoped to deepen the understanding of bridges maintenance.
Thanks to the overwhelming positive response a second run is now planned to include one of Niseko’s symbols, the yellow “Niseko Oohashi” bridge!
The cards can be obtained for free at the tourist information inside the “Niseko View Plaza” starting from August the 1st, one card per person.
The first run consisted of 13 cards and the second run has a total of 18 cards, including the “Niseko Oohashi”. Everyone, takes this opportunity to collect all 31 cards and reshape the way we think about bridges!!!

More information over here!