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Welcome to Niseko this Autumn and Winter



Welcome to Niseko this Autumn and Winter

As all of you know there was a big earthquake in Hokkaido on the 6th of September and we express our deepest sympathies to all effected by it!
Also, the town of Niseko, Kutchan and Rankoshi would like to express their deepest thanks for all the heartwarming messages received after the earthquake!
We are happy to announce, that despite a short black out, nothing was damaged in the Niseko Area. As for right now, there are no power shortages and all lifelines are fully restored. All restaurants are opened as usual and almost every service can be provided the same way as before the earthquake.

There is a lot to enjoy from now on in Niseko!
Autumn has fallen into Niseko and the leaf are painted in a beautiful red and orange, on the fields the potato and rice harvest is in full way, spreading the taste of autumn. And after all leaf have fallen, Niseko will be covered in powder snow marking the start of the winter season.

Everyone, Niseko is eager to welcome you and will always be!

Board of Niseko Tourism Zone
Mayor of Niseko town: Katayama Kenya
Mayor of Kutchan town: Nishie Eiji
Mayor of Rankoshi town: Kon Hideyuki