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Hokkaido Fukkuwari - lodging support project



◆ What is Hokkaido Fukkuwari◆
It is a lodging support project that utilizes subsidies etc. by the country an early restoration of the travel demand which declined duo to the 2018 Hokkaido Iburi Higashibu Earthquake.
【Hokkaido Fukkuwari official website】

◆ About lodging support project ◆
This project subsidizes a part of accommodation expenses, if staying in a target accommodation facility.
○ Subsidize Amount: If the accommodation fee is more than 6000 yen per stay (tax included), 3,000 yen will be subsidized.
○ Subject Period: Starting with January the 31st (Thursday) till March 31st (Sun) of 2019.
※ Applicable for check outs until 31st of March 2019.
○ Allowed are up to 3 consecutive nights stays (for foreigners 5 consecutive nights stays) but there is no limit on the number of times.
○ Target accommodation: Please confirm the contact information and accommodation fee etc. of the target accommodation from the list below.

◆ Application procedure ◆
○ Please tell the accommodation facility "Reservation with Hokkaido Fukkuwari" when booking the accommodation.
○ On the day of the stay, please fill out the necessary points on " lodging support project Form" at the accommodation facility reception,
Please be sure to confirm identity via identity card etc. (it must be an ID card with your name and address on it).
※ Please bring an identification card (driver's license, health insurance card, pension notebook, student ID card etc. [foreigners should use their passport]).
○ Please pay the rest of the accommodation fee sum, after the discount is deducted.
(Example: 8,000 yen per person, per night – discount 3,000 yen = 5,000 yen accommodation fee sum)

◆ Notes ◆
○ Please note that accommodation for business purposes is not allowed.
○ Budget for Each accommodation facility has a subsidy budget, once it is used up now further discounts will be offered.
※ For availability of reservation in "Hokkaido Fukkuwari" please contact the accommodation directly.

◎ Accommodation facility project target accommodation ◎
1, Ginseng
Address: Hokkaido Muta Gun Niseko Cho Niseko 482-1 Niseko
TEL: 0136-58-2323
1 person per night (before subsidizing): 8,000 yen ~
subsidizing for one person per night (fixed amount): 3,000 yen

2, Niseko / Pension · Fry Pan
Address: Niseko Cho Niseko 482-2
TEL: 0136-58-2932
1 person per night (before subsidizing): 8,000 yen ~
subsidizing for one person per night (fixed amount): 3,000 yen

3, Niseko Ryoko Tabi
Address: Niseko Cho Niseko 435-8
TEL: 0136-58-3149
1 person per night (before subsidizing): 7,300 yen ~
subsidizing for one person per night (fixed amount): 3,000 yen