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Help us to bring the "Niseko Express" home!



The "Niseko Express" was made to transport ski tourist to the Niseko area in 1998.
Its smart and speedy appearance made it stand in the limelight at the time it was running.
During the winter season it moved between Niseko area and New Chitose Airport, and through whole Hokkaido during the rest of the year. Unfortunately, it was retyred in 2017 due to its age.
As a vehicle that has contributed so much to the promotion of Niseko Town, as a vehicle that will forever be remembered in Hokkaido's railway history for its innovations, we want to bring it back to Niseko, the town it is so deeply connected with!

To fund the homecoming of Niseko Express, we are intending to make crowd funding campaign. Crowd funding is a way of funding projects. People who can associate with a project can raise money through the project website.
If the target goal is reached, the project will put in to place but if not, money will be refunded.
We also offer various items in return for your funds.

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