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 Rankoshi Cho Kouryu Sokushin Centre Yusenkaku

Konbugawa Onsen
Public use | Onsen
〒048-1302 114-5, Konbumachi, Rankoshi-cho, Isoya-gun, Hokkaido
TEL:0136-58-2131 / FAX:0136-58-2823
Opening Hours:10:00-21:30, Monday 12:00-21:30 (or the next business day if Monday is a public holiday)
This onsen is said to have a beautifying effect; close to park golf course.

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Regular holiday Open daily
Price Adults: 500 yen
Children: 300 yen
Wheelchair access Provided
Service Restaurant 11:30-13:30
Facilities Outdoor onsen (seperate facilities for men and women), large bath, sauna
Onsen Tour Pass Target
Remarks The onsen is known as the "Beautiful woman hot spring"
Park golf is near (18H) Closed in winter