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The Mad Hatter,Niseko

Soga, Higashiyama
Essentials | Shopping
〒048-1522 Hokkaido, Abuta-gun, Niseko-cho, Soga 256-11
Opening Hours:Call use and we can make an appointment
Our hat are all order made!
We carefully craft our hats following the wishes and needs our customers.

For customers from not near Niseko we also offer e-shopping.

Our quality and reasonable pricing is top notch for order made hat!

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Regular holiday Not set
Price During spring/summer the hats are made using silk and hemp: 5000 Yen - 10000 Yen
From fall/winter we use harris tweed for our hats: 7500 Yen - 15000 Yen

Service As all our hats order made buying a hat goes as followed:
1) Come to our workshop and take a look at the samples 2) measuring the size for the hat 3) choosing the material. We also take the customers specific orders into consideration!
Usually finishing the hat will take about one week (depending on how many order we have).
If needed the order can also be made from home, please ask for more details!
Onsen Tour Pass Excluded