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Niseko Chiffon Cake Factory & Cafe Miracle Yukiya

Niseko Urban Area
Cafes, patisseries, bakeries | Dining
〒048-1512 Hokkaido, Abuta-gun, Niseko-cho, Aza Chuo-doori 113
TEL:0136-44-1400 / FAX:0505-846-8072
Opening Hours:11:00-17:00/ Lunch 11:00 - 14:00
Dishes are additive free and gluten free, made with organic Niseko-sourced ingredients.
Mouthwatering chiffon cakes made using rice flour and soy milk available between 11:00-17:00
Please reserve in advance to try the all-natural soba noodles ("Tartary" soba) and other dishes. Chiffon cakes are available for takeaway as well as eat-in!

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Parking 5
Regular holiday Monday and Tuesday
Price Rice, udon, soba: 500 Yen - 1350 Yen
Duck-ham: 880 Yen
Homemade soya yogurt: 500 Yen
Homemade coffee: 380 Yen
Seasonal smoothy: 600 Yen
Credit Card NO
Smoking This cafe is non-smoking.
(there is a space for smoking located outside the building)
Wheelchair access NO
Pets NO
Service Homemade tofu yogurt and duck-ham
Internet Wi-fi available
Transfers NO
Facilities Japanese-style floor seating available
Total capacity 18
Onsen Tour Pass Excluded