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Niseko Outdoor Center

Soga, Higashiyama
рыбная ловля | Выезд
〒048-1522 138, Soga, Niseko-cho
TEL:0136-44-1133 / FAX:0136-44-1800
Открытие Часы:8:00-17:30 *Tour starts from 8:45 and ends around 13:15
Required age: 9 or older
Shoe size: 22 cm or higher
*Our fishing tours are is catch and release tours!
*As bait we use worms and other bugs!
*We use waders for fishing but depending on weather conditions there are times we can't use them
*Fishing can be difficult during spring and autumn because of the cold


Стоянка 10
Очередной отпуск Summer: available from Mai - October
Цена Bait fishing 4,100 yen (Mai - October)
Starting from June:
- Beginner fly fishing - 6,480 yen
- Fly fishing guide - 12,960 yen (half day), 25,920 (full day)
Бронирование Required; minimum 2 people per group
Переводы Only within 10 km and only for people who have no other means of transportation.
Жильё 2 or more people
Сайт http://www.noc-hokkaido.jp/  
Электронная почта noc@noc-hokkaido.jp