Niseko View Plaza:
Vending Machine with Baby Goods

Niseko View Plaza Is Installing Vending Machine with Diapers and Other Goods to Support Child-Rearing

The vending machines offer disposable diapers, wipes, and milk and are designed to support parents with young kids.

The child-rearing support vending machine is a joint project by the Hokkaido Coca-Cola Bottling, the Otaru Development and Construction Department, and the Niseko Town.

An installation commemorative ceremony was held to commemorate the start of the operation on July 5, at which Mayor Katayama of Niseko Town, Director Kaiken Endo of Otaru, and Sales Manager Takakuwa from Coca-Cola attended.

The vending machines can be found in Niseko Town’s Road Station, the Niseko View Plaza, and Kamoenai Village’s Road Station, Osukoi! Kamoenai.

This will be the first time that vending machines of this kind are installed in the Shiribeshi jurisdiction.

Also, the Niseko View Plaza has a new nursing room since May 2021!
Now, it is possible to breastfeed and change the diapers of your children at any given time, making the Niseko View Plaza even more child-friendly.

Please feel free to use it on your next to Niseko.


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