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[Yu Meguri Pass] — Change in Business Hours/Days for Participating Facilities

Change in business hours/days for facilities participating in the Yu Meguri Pass

Facilities applicable for the red coupon

Usual opening hours (the sauna is closed)
Kiranoyu homepage
Yusenkaku Usual opening hours
Makkari Onsen Usual opening hours
Weiss Onsen Usual opening hours
Green Park Iwanai Usual opening hours
San San No Yu Usual opening hours
Sutsu Onsen Yubetsunoyu Usual opening hours
Motta Kaigan Onsen Ryokan  Closed until June 10, 2020 (for maintenance)
Arishima Memorial Museum Usual opening hours


Facilities applicable for the blue coupon

Hotel Kanro No Mori Usual opening hours
Niseko Grand Hotel 

Closed until June 30

One Niseko Resort Towers  Usual opening hours
Ikoi No Yu Yado Iroha

Closed until June 30, 2020

Niseko Goshiki Onsen Ryokan Usual opening hours
Hotel Niseko Alpen  Sauna and karaoke rooms are closed; the rest is opened as usual.
Hirafu Tei

Closed until June 30, 2020

Kutchan Onsen Hotel Yotei

Usual opening hours

Yukichichibu Usual opening hours
Iwanai Onsen Okaerinasai Usual opening hours

All the information above is up to date as of June 2, 2020.

Please reconfirm the business hours of the respective facility before each visit. 

The expiration date for the Yu Meguri Pass has been prolonged!

*Under the following circumstances

◆ Applicable costumers: Customers who own a Yu Meguri Pass, which expired or is about to expire before June 30, 2020.

◆ Where to exchange the old coupon: Michi No Eki Niseko View Plaza

◆ Change in expiration date: Another 180 days will be added to the existing expiration date.  

◆ Handling of the old Pass: A new pass will be handed out but without additional coupons!
           (Please note: you can only exchange the pass at View Plaza)

◆ Exchange rules: The pass is only exchanged at the Niseko View Plaza. If you cannot go to the Niseko View Plaza, please send the pass via mail. (When sending the pass via mail, please pay for the stamp yourself. We will cover the return fee)

◆ Exchange of the pass: Another 180 days will be added to the existing expiration date, and the same amount of coupons will be added to the pass as it had before (we will stamp a View Plaza mark on the spot where the coupon used to be).

◆ Exchange deadline: June 30, 2020
*under certain conditions the deadline might be prolonged

Contact: Tel.: 0136-43-2051 (Michi No Eki View Plaza )

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