Kitchen Car Festival:
Ale Shiribeshi Is Holding a Kitchen Car Festival!

This is a notice from the Shiribeshi General Promotion Bureau.


To support kitchen car operators in the Shiribeshi jurisdiction that are affected by the new coronavirus infection
We will hold an event “Ale Shiribeshi! Kitchen Car Festival”!
In addition to gathering 11 kitchen car stores in the Shiribeshi jurisdiction, students from Kutchan Agricultural High School and Makkari High School
Special stores will also be opened.
For details, please refer to the Kitchen Car Festival flyer!

[Date and time]
November 3, 2021 (Wednesday / holiday)
10: 00-14: 00 (subject to change depending on the situation on the day)
Shiribeshi General Promotion Bureau Parking Lot and Lobby
(Kutchan Town Kita 1 Johigashi 2-chome)
[Store openings]
11 kitchen car stores
[Special store opening]
Kutchan Agricultural High School, Makkari High School

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