[Niseko Autumn Leaves] — When Are the Autumn Leaves in Full Bloom?

As most of the Niseko Town is decorated with lovely orange pumpkins, we all get caught up in the autumn mood. Speaking of autumn, what is the current situation of Niseko’s autumn leaves? To give every Niseko visitor a quick answer to this question, we have compiled this small post to keep everyone up-to-date about Niseko’s beautiful autumn colors. 

Niseko’s Mountain and Forrest Colours, Up-to-Date as of September 26, 2020


Niseko’s Mountain and Forrest Colours, Up-to-Date as of September 16, 2020


In front of the JR Niseko Station |September 16th

In front of the JR Niseko Station, we have many pumpkins piled up, making it a perfect autumn picture spot. In the picture, the parking lot of our local hot spring, Kira No Yu, can be seen, and just right next to it, the berries of the Japanese rowan are their full red bloom.


Autumn rice fields and Mt. Yotei|September 16th

Covered by clouds, behind the beautiful autumn rice fields, the famous Mt. Yotei is rising into the sky. As you can see, the foot of the mountain is still very green. 


Mt. Annupuri|September 16th

Also covered by clouds, the famous winter sports mountain Mt. Annupuri isn’t in the mood for autumns. 


Fields and the Kombu Maintain|September 16th

Fields with the Konbu Mountain in the back. It looks like the color is slowly changing to yellow in some places.

All in all, as you might have seen from the picture, Niseko’s autumn is still in a very early stage, and it will take one or two or more weeks to be in full bloom.  

Here are some pictures of former Niseko autumn sceneries.

Pictures of Niseko autumn sceneries from the last few years.


October the 15th, 2015


Konbu Onsen Kyo|October the 23rd, 2014


Niseko Annupuri Forest Park|October the 23rd, 2012


Miya Yama|October the 23rd, 2016

Judging from these pictures, a recommended time frame to enjoy Niseko’s autumn leaves would be from the middle till the end of October. Of course, Niseko’s autumn leaves’ condition always depends on the weather and the kind of tree! We have many maples and white birches in Niseko, which have very nice and mild yellow when in full bloom.

You can stay up-to-date on how the autumn colors’ current condition is in Niseko by checking this homepage or our social media presence below. The following block might also be of use for information about the autumn leaves around the Goshiki Onsen.


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