Niseko Tourism View:
On November 14 the Collaboration Project “Niseko Tourism View” Starts

Since Niseko Town is aiming to become a GSTC-Destination (Global Sustainable Tourism Council-Destination), the Niseko Resort Tourist Association is in charge of taking over the responsibilities for reaching this goal. And as part of this mission, we are starting a Colloquium called “Niseko Tourism View” (Niseko Kanko Tenbo).

In 2010, Niseko Town formed a joint venture with the Center for Advanced Tourism Studies Hokkaido University to research together on how to better promote tourism. This time, graduate students from Hokkaido University Graduate School (International Marketing Media/Tourism Graduate School) visited Niseko as part of their  “Destination Manager Development Project”.  They conducted research here in Niseko and will present their findings at the end of the project.

The colloquium will be led by Professor Kimura Hiroshi at the Center for Advanced Tourism Studies Hokkaido University.
During the colloquium, graduate students will present their findings and give an annual report on the joint research. After the presentations, there will be a discussion session to exchange ideas. 

There is still room for guests, so if you are interested, do not hesitate to apply!

【Date】 Sunday, November 14, 2021, 13:30 – 16:30
【Target Audience】 Niseko Town Residents (high schoolers are very welcome!)
【Fee】 Free
【Participant Limit】 20 Participants (application arrival)
【Place】 Niseko Community Hall Conference Room 1 (2nd Floor)
【Application Process】 Apply through the flyer linked below

Hokkaido University Joint Research Colloquium

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