[Niseko Cheer Project: Lucky-Dip Bags] — Sale of Our Lucky-Dip Bags Starts Now!


Sale is starting as of June 26, 2020 
Don’t lose to Corona: Niseko Cheer Project’s Limited Lucky-Dip Bag

Here at the Michinoeki – Niseko View Plaza – Information Plaza Building, we were thinking about how we could cheer up customers who can’t come to Niseko because of the Covit-19 virus.

From this simple idea, we joined the Don’t Lose to Corona Niseko Cheer Project and created the Niseko Fukubukuro, a kind of lucky-dip bag with a variety of Niseko’s special regional Products. This way you can enjoy Niseko even from your own home. 

Niseko Town is covering all shipping expenses and 20% of the original price! Don’t miss out on this special offer!  

The sale of these four lucky-dip bags will start at 10 am, June 26, 2020!

Our lucky-dip bags can be bought in our online shop or directly at the Niseko View Plaza.

This a limited offer and will end as soon as the bags are sold out! 

※To all customers intending to buy the lucky-dip bag at the Niseko View Plaza, please contact us in advance!

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