Niseko Distillery
Niseko Distillery Is Open Tours to Niseko Townspeople

Niseko Distillery is open and a tour for Niseko townspeople will be held!
A distillery that manufactures whiskey and gin in Niseko Town on Friday, October 1st.
Niseko Distillery (Niseko 478-15) has opened!

At the facility, a tour of the whiskey and gin distillation equipment and a tour of the storage
You can sample at the bar that is set up.
A stylish and modern atmosphere, even for those who do not drink alcohol
It is a recommended spot to enjoy!
Since the visit is a complete reservation system
For details, please see the Niseko Distillery website.

Also, at the Niseko Distillery, 3 days from October 22nd (Friday) to 24th (Sunday)
We will hold a tour for Niseko townspeople!
This does not require advance reservation.
Please come and join us.
For details, please see the leaflet below!

Niseko Townspeople Notice of Niseko Distillery Tour

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