[Temporary Closure Information] – Niseko Town

Information about facilities temporarily closed in "Niseko Town"!
Below is a list of facilities that are temporary closed due to the worldwide COVIT-19 outbreak. 
・ "Farmers Kitchen Pom Pom" closed from: April 17th - May 6th
・ "Niseko Base Cafe" closed from: April 17th - Undecided
・ "BBQ House Mokumoku Tei" closed from: April 15th - May 1st, May 7th - Undecided
・ "Cona - confectionery shop" closed from: April 18th - May 31st
・ "Cafe Maple" closed from: April 10th - May 19th
・ "White Birch Cafe" closed from: May 2nd - 6th
・ "Prativo" closed from: April 20th - May 1st
・ "Kamui no Mi" temporarily closed 
[Leisure/Activity Facilities]
・ "Hokkaido Lion Adventure" closed from: April 18th - May 6th
・ "NAC (Kutchan)", closed for an indefinite period of time (inquiry required)
[Hot Spring]
・ "Ikoi no Yuyado Iroha" closed from: April 26th - April 29th, May 7th - May 31st
・ "Kanro no Mori" closed from: April 5th - April 20th (for maintenance)
・ "One Niseko" closed from: April 12th - April 25th (for maintenance)
・ "Niseko Grand Hotel", open only on weekends and holidays till April 30th
・ "Pon no Yu (Kutchan)" closed till May 31st
・ "Weiss hot spring (Kyowa)" closed from: April 18th - May 6th
・ "Yusenkaku" (Rankoshi) closed from: Mai 2nd - May 6th
・ "Yukichichibu" (Rankoshi) closed from: Mai 2nd - May 6th

More information in the link below

【Onsen Facilities】 

Hilton Niseko Village – hotel restaurants might close depending on the situation 
Hinode Hill – temporarily closed  
Ikoi No Yuyado Iroha – closed until June the 30th , 2020 
The Green Leaf Niseko Village – open for already booked stays but may be closed on any other occasion
Kasara Niseko Village - opened 
Niseko Northern Resort Annupuri – closed during April the 26th – May the 2nd 
Niseko Grand Hotel – closed during April the 25th – May the 6th 
Hotel Kanro No Mori – opened 
Tsuruga Besso Moku No Sho – closed during April the 27th – 29th , May the 6th – 14th , 17th – 22nd , 24th – 29th  
One Niseko Resort Towers - opened
Pension JAZZ Club – closed during April the 24th – Mai the 6th
Hotel Resort in Niseko – closed during April the 20th – June the 30th 
Resort House Niseko First - closed during April the 20th – June the 30th

【Other Facilities】
・ "Grand Hirafu" will end this years season as of April 19th, 2020.
・ "Michi No Eki - Niseko View Plaza" closed from: April 29th - Mai 6th (consider to further extend the temporal closure)

In addition to the closures mentioned above, some stores are considering a temporary closure.
If you plan on visiting Niseko, we recommend to contact each store/restaurant etc. directly
and ask for their respective business hours!

*All the information above is up to date as of April 23nd.
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