[Niseko Collection 2020] — Activity Coupon Niseko Collection 2020 (Normal & Discounted Version) Is Now on Sale

The Niseko Collection is now on sale  Finally, the sale of our popular Niseko Collection has started! The Niseko Collection is an adventure/experience coupon that gives you the option to choose 3 ou…

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[Lucky-Dip Bags] — Niseko’s Very Own Craft Beer and Finger Foot Set!

Every Beer Lover's Must-Have Set!!! Niseko's very own craft beer and finger foot set! As of June 26, 2020, we started the sale of our first lucky-dip bag sets as part of the Niseko Cheer P…

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[Tada Farm Strawberry Picking] — Opening of this Year’s “Strawberry Season”

Come, visit the Tada Farm, next to the Niseko Milk Kobo, and pick as many strawberries as you can eat!

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[Niseko Cheer Project: Niseko Restaurant Relief Coupon] — How to Use Guide

As a financial relief measure, we are happy to announce the Niseko Town Restaurant Relief Coupon (Nisekocho Inshokuten Oen Coupon in Japanese). Below we provide a list of all participating restaura…

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[Niseko Cheer Project: Lucky-Dip Bags] — Sale of Our Lucky-Dip Bags Starts Now!

Sale is starting as of June 26, 2020  Don't lose to Corona: Niseko Cheer Project's Limited Lucky-Dip Bag Here at the Michinoeki - Niseko View Plaza - Information Plaza Building, we were th…

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