Introducing the Niseko Resort Tourist Association

What sort of experience would make you think,
"I want to revisit this town!"?

On the 1st of September 2003, the Niseko Resort Tourist Association was founded. Once a private company like most other tourist associations in Japan, it was the first tourist association to become a public company! 50% of the stocks are owned by the Niseko Town Hall, while the other 50% is owned mainly by Niseko town residents.

Niseko Resort Tourist Association Co., Ltd. is a company that combines the many resources of Niseko to support the development of the town and its businesses. We aim to provide customers with information and Niseko-particular offerings so that everyone can find their very personal "Niseko experience"!

Our greatest pleasure is for you, your friends, and simply everyone to become "Niseko Fans"!
For that purpose, we work hard to know Niseko better than anyone else.

With our guidance and information, we are confident you will enjoy your Niseko experience to the fullest.

Service Content

Provision of Tourist Information

We offer maps for sightseeing courses and sightseeing spots so that even someone who has never been to Niseko before can feel right at home. Contact

Michi No Eki Niseko View Plaza's Tourist Information (9:00-18:00 open all year round)
TEL: (0136) 43-2051 FAX: (0136)43-2052
JR Niseko Station tourist information (9:00-18:00 open all year round)
TEL: (0136) 44-2468

Management of Public Facilities

Our company oversees local revitalization activities and is entrusted with the management of public facilities. In addition to improving services to increase customer satisfaction, we also contribute to expanding the local employment rate!

  • Contract facilities, etc.
  • Michi No Eki Niseko View Plaza
  • JR Niseko Station
  • Broadcast Station of Radio Niseko

Services Related to Tourism & Travel

We act as a travel agency for local residents who want to travel domestically or overseas. In addition, we also offer guided tours through Niseko to tourists coming here.

  • Niseko town's elementary school, junior high school, and high school trips and study tours
  • Group trips organized by the Niseko Town Hall
  • Study tours, etc. with accommodation in Niseko Town and the surrounding area (individual tours and group tours)
  • Arrangement of various tournaments and seminars, etc. with accommodation in Niseko Town and the surrounding area
FAX / (0136)55-5777
E-mail :

Broadcasting Service through Community Radio

We operate a community FM broadcasting station called Radio Niseko.
Via Radio Niseko, information about Niseko is communicated both inside and outside the area. And since we also broadcast our shows digitally, you can listen to our broadcast from anywhere in the world, using one of the internet radios below!