Get to know Niseko To those who are considering an inspection/seminar in Niseko Town

Leave your travel assistance to the "Niseko Resort Tourist Association"!

Thank you for considering an inspection/seminar in Niseko Town.
Our company is funded by the Niseko town residents and Niseko Town Hall and is the very first tourist association in the whole country to be incorporated as of September the 1st, 2003.
We respond to customers need for a company able to utilize the local network and local information unique to companies rooted in the Niseko area.

Customers who are considering an inspecting in the Niseko Town Hall

When you visit Niseko, you will be asked to stay at a facility in Niseko to further deepen your knowledge and connection to the area. We can help you with all your itinerary from departure to return as well as make all arrangements for your accommodations and lunch/dinner venues in Niseko town. We would like you to concentrate fully on your inspection/seminar and for you to get the best results possible we will support you all the way!

Customers who are considering an inspecting the Niseko Resort Tourist Association Co.,Ltd.

Thanks to you, many people from all over the country have come to Niseko town for training. Please note, our company is charging a small fee for inspection/seminar orders. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding. Also, when you order a an inspection/seminar please make sure to use accommodation facilities in the town.

Information for an inspection/seminar
Explanation and Q & A, to the background of our decision to go public and the structure of our company (about 2 hours)
Seminar fee (for 2 hours, including tax and material costs)
  • 1.100 yen per person *if we arrange your stay at an accommodation
  • 2,200 yen per person *if we were not involved with the accommodation arrangements
Please, note the following!
When participating in our inspection/seminar, we are asking you to stay in Niseko town.
About travel arrangements

We are accepting requests to arrange and coordinate the whole itinerary for our customers, including the inspection to the Niseko Town Hall as well as to our own company.

○ Please let us know about the items below by phone / email
We will then send back a proposal itinerary and quotation
  • Approximate departure date
  • Estimated number of participants
  • Number of stays
  • Name of the towns/places you intend to have your inspection/seminar (we take orders for outside of Niseko town as well)
  • Requests directed at accommodation facilities (room type, meals, etc.)
  • Name, Telephone number, FAX number, email address, etc. of the person in charge
* quotation are free, regardless of a group or an individual order

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