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Here we introduce Niseko's sightseeing and experience spots ordered by category. Feel free to use this as a guideline for your trip to Niseko!

Certified Stores Implementing Infection Prevention Measures

What exactly does "Certified Store Implementing Infection Prevention Measures" mean? Behind the difficult naming lies a very simple idea. All it means is that the certified store has fulfilled the implementation of all measurements against the further infection spreading declared by the Hokkaido Government. This means you can enter the certified store resting assured they are doing everything necessary to prevent you from getting an infection


Have you ever heard of Arishima Takeo? He was a famous writer from a wealthy family and lived in Niseko over a hundred years ago. At the beginning of the 20th century, he gave up all rights to his inherited farmland and handed it over to the public. The spirit of this selfless act is still passed down and alive in Niseko's community! In Niseko's Arishima Memorial Museum, you can learn more about Takeo Arishima's life or enjoy one of the many exhibitions from local artists. Arishima inspires many artists in Niseko, and through their work, they also carry on his passion.


Did you know? Niseko is one of Hokkaido's leading producers of various agricultural products. There are many factors specific to the region that are beneficial for producing delicious vegetables. For example, the massive amounts of snow accumulating throughout the winter nourishes and moistures Niseko's soil during spring. Or Niseko's climate with its stark temperature differences between day and night while being relatively mild in general! These and a combination of many other attributes let the crop grow gently, giving it a distinctive taste. This Niseko-taste can be enjoyed everywhere in Niseko, as various hotels and restaurants in Niseko use it for their main dishes and products!


Niseko has long been known as a hot spring resort, and to this day, hot springs of the highest quality are scattered throughout Niseko. Most hot springs in Niseko are public and can be visited on a day trip to Niseko. Still, if you are looking for a relaxing hot spring experience just for yourself, Niseko also offers various hotels with private hot springs!


You may think of Niseko as an outdoor resort first and foremost but make no mistake, Niseko offers an extensive menu of indoor and crafting experiences. Thanks to this vast indoor menu, you can enjoy Niseko according to your taste, even on a rainy day!

SHOPPING Souvenirs and Local Products

Niseko may be just a small town, but we take great pride in our products made from local ingredients. You should definitely visit one of Niseko's local farms and workshops! It is a lot of fun, and you can learn many things about the Niseko Area. Also, make sure to pay the Michi No Eki Niseko View Plaza a visit, as most of Niseko's local products can be bought there.


The variety of accommodation-types is one of Niseko's many strong points. How about staying in a cottage or a unique pension? Or maybe you prefer a more original Japanese-experience while relaxing Japanese-style inn? Of course, Niseko also offers a variety of luxury hotels! No matter what accommodation you prefer, Niseko got the right place for you to stay!


Niseko is a place that lets you get in touch with the beauty of nature. From anywhere in town, you can enjoy the beautiful view of Mt. Niseko Annupuri or Mt. Yotei. Also, did you know? The Shiribetsu River running through Niseko is famed to be the clearest stream in Japan! So, needless to say, Niseko has endless ways to enjoy yourself! How about climbing up Mt. Niseko Annupuri? Do you want to float down the river on a canoe, catch some fish, or both? Maybe you are more into sports and want to play a match of Tennis or Baseball? Whatever you are looking for, Niseko has more than one thing to offer for you!


When you think of Niseko, winter sports may be the first thing that comes to mind. But Niesko's isn't offering you the "normal" ski-experience; we promise you the best POWDER-EXPERIENCE you have ever experienced! You will be overwhelmed by Niseko's abundance of high-quality ski slopes, courses, and, of course, world-class powder snow! But Niseko's winter offers even more than just skiing! Make sure to check on the many other winter activities in and around town to get your full Niseko-winter experience!