Things to do How to enjoy Niseko

Here we introduce Niseko's sightseeing and experience spots ordered by category. Feel free to use this as a guideline for your trip to Niseko!


Niseko is one of Hokkaido's leading producers of various agricultural products. During the spring all the snow accumulated through out the winter is starting to melt, nourishing and moistening Niseko's soil. Niseko's climate is also relatively mild and the temperature difference between day and night is large. All these attributes lets the crop grow gently and gives it a distinctive taste. All of Niseko's agricultural products are than turned into the finest dishes by the various hotels and restaurants in Niseko for you to enjoy!


One of Niseko strong points is the variety of different types of accommodations. How about staying in a cottage or a unique pension fitting your personal needs? Of course there is also variety of a relaxing Japanese style inns and hotels to choose from. No matter what your style is, Niseko got the right place for you to stay!

OUTDOOR Summer Activities

Niseko is a place that lets you get in touch with the beauty of nature. Niseko has a beautiful landscape with it's mountains, such as Niseko Annupuri or Mt. Yotei, also called Ezo Fuji due to it's resemblance of Mt. Fuji. By the way, the Shiribetsu River running through Niseko is famed to be the clearest stream in Japan! So, how you want to enjoy Niseko is totally up to you. How about climbing up a mountain? Do you want to flow down the river on a canoe or just go and catch some fish? Maybe you are more of a sports person and want to paly some Tennis or Baseball? What ever it is you are looking for, Niseko has something to answer your needs!

SPORTS Winter Activities

When you think of winter sports in Niseko, skiing is the first think that comes to mind and skiing is what you get! You will be overwhelmed by the abundance and high quality of Niseko's ski slopes and courses.

EXPERIENCE Indoor Activities

You may think of Niseko as a place with mainly outdoor activities, but we are also very proud of our extensive indoor experience and craft menus. Not bound by the weather Niseko lets you enjoy yourself according to your personal needs.

CULTURE・ART Culture and Art

Did you know about Niseko's cultural and intellectual offerings? At the begin of the 20th century the famous writer "Takeo Arishima" cave up his farm, in an act of selflessness, and opened it to public use. This spirit of "mutual assistance" is still handed down and alive in the Niseko community. In the Arishima Memorial Museum you can learn more about Takeo Arishima's life or enjoy one of the many exhibition from local artist, who were inspired by Niseko's and Takeo Arishima's spirit.

HOT SPRING Hot Springs

Niseko has long been known as a hot spring resort and still to this day hot springs of the highest quality are scattered through out Niseko. There are many hot springs you can visit on a day trip to Niseko but there are also hotels with own private hot springs!

SHOPPING Souvenirs and Special Regional Products

Niseko may be just a small town but we take great pride in our regional products made of local ingredients. Make sure to visiting one of Niseko's local manufactories, it is a lot of fun! Also, when you are wondering, if there is a place where Niseko's regional products are sold collectively, visit the Niseko View Plaza. In the Niseko View Plaza you can find most of Niseko's regional products as well as souvenirs and even vegetables grown by local farmers.