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Mt. Yotei Picture Rally!

Area map for your route and spots you can visit on the way

1 Day Schedule Example


Photo Spot:
Kuro Kawa Viewpoint

One of Niseko’s many Mt. Yotei photo spots. If you are lucky, you might even be able to take a picture of the mountain and some cows from the nearby farmers!

Spot Name: Kuro Kawa Viewpoint
Address: Kuro Kawa, Niseko-cho
Duration: 10 minutes

2 min by car


Photo Spot:
Miyata View Point Parking

Three majestic mountains in one photo: Mt. Yotei, Mt. Annupuri, and Mt. Konbu

Spot Name: Miyata View Point Parking
Address: Miyata, Niseko-cho
Duration: 10 min


Photo Spot:
Niseko TMR Center

Close to the Frontier Niseko TMR Center, you will enjoy a quite different view on Mt. Yotei!

Spot Name: Frontier Niseko TMR Center
Address: 137-3 Tomigawa, Niseko-cho
Duration: 10 min

2 min by car


Photo Spot:
Niseko Ohashi Bridge

The bright yellow color of this bridge gives your pictures a nice contrast to the many facets of green. And do not miss taking pictures of Niseko’s train station from the bridge!

Spot Name: Niseko Ohashi Bridge
Address: Niseko-cho
Duration: 20 min

4 min by car


Photo Spot
Michi No Eki Niseko View Plaza

It is not called View Plaza for no reason. The view on Mt. Yotei is absolutely fabulous!

Spot Name: Michi No Eki Niseko View Plaza
Address: 77-10 Motomachi, Niseko-cho
TEL: 0136-43-2051
Duration: 30 min

2 min by car


Time for Lunch!
Birch Tree Cafe

The Birch Tree Cafe is a well-known little cafe in Niseko. It uses local vegetables for a variety of dishes and has a relaxing atmosphere that will make you feel right at home.

Cafe Name: Birch Tree Cafe
Address: 90-52 Arishima, Niseko-cho
TEL: 090-7655-0678
Regular Closing Days: Mondays & every 3rd Tuesday
Duration: 45 min

3 min by car


Photo Spot:
Arishima Memorial Museum

Arishima is not just a place to inform yourself about the famous Arishima Takeo. It is also a lovely photo spot with its view on Mt. Yotei and ivies crawling along the museum’s wall.

Name of the Museum: Arishima Memorial Museum
Address: 57 Arishima, Niseko-cho
TEL: 0136-44-3245
Regular Closing Days: Monday (next day if Monday was a holiday), new year
Duration: 45 min

10 min by car


Photo Spot:
Niseko Ostrich Farm

You wouldn’t expect an Ostrich farm in a cold place like Niseko, but you better guess again! The Ostriches on this farm are cute, playful, and can be fed, too! Also, don’t forget to come on a Saturday or Sunday, as the farm’s owner is running a small cafe limited to those two days.