Michi no EkiNiseko View Plaza Welcome to Niseko's Official Roadside Station!

The Niseko View Plaza is a registered Michi No Eki located at the intersection of National Route 5 and the Iwanai–Toya Prefectural Road 66. Michi No Ekis are roadside stations found all over Japan that usually promote local tourism and local products. Niseko View Plaza is divided into three parts: the Information Plaza, the Free Space and the Restroom Facility.

- The Information Plaza serves as a tourist information center and souvenir shop for local products. We offer various products, from dairy products such as Niseko-produced milk sweets and cheese to freshly baked bagels, stone kiln bread, local sake, and wine!

- The Restroom Facility is equipped with bathrooms for both genders and an accessible toilet. Furthermore, in front of the restrooms, you can find various pamphlets and flyers about local restaurants, events, etc.

- The Free Space hosts small takeout shops and a farmers' market. In the farmers' market, fresh agricultural products are sold directly from farmers in the Niseko area. Under the motto of "safe, secure, and inexpensive," the farmers' market offers fresh and rare seasonal vegetables that are picked in the morning and sold at reasonable prices. Also, our takeout shops are very particular about using only Niseko-produced ingredients! We highly recommend eating outside, where you can have a lovely view of Mt. Yotei!

Information Plaza Building

[Tourist Information Center]

You will definitely find something unique for yourself and your friends in our bright and spacious souvenir shop! We have cheese, sausages, sweets, local sake, accessories made by local artists, and many other regional products. We also serve as a tourist information center, so don't shy away from asking us about Niseko! Our staff will introduce you to sightseeing spots, restaurants or help you with your next travel route.
Plus, we send brochures about Niseko free of charge to anywhere in Japan!

[Sales of Regional Products]

The vegetables lined up in the farmers' market are all regional and freshly harvested each morning. During spring seedlings of carrots, the popular asparagus, and many other vegetables start to grow quickly beneath the snow. By early summer, the first vegetables are ready for harvest. Soon, a variety of vegetables fill up every space in our market until autumn. During peak season, regional favorites like melons and potatoes are sold in tents outside the Free Space! Niseko's first rice crop of the year can be bought around October, and Niseko offers Hokkaido's most famous rice varieties, such as yumepirika, nanatsuboshi, and oborozuki. Come and browse through our wide variety of local vegetables, sweets, and pre-packaged foods!

Free Space Building

[Regional Farmers' Market]

Niseko's farmers' market is a market operated entirely by Niseko's farmers. Here you can find fresh vegetables produced by Niseko farmers, as well as wild vegetables collected from Niseko's mountains. The unique taste of Niseko's seasonal vegetables is something you shouldn't miss!

Niseko View Plaza's Direct Sales Association

[Milk Kobo's Takeout Shop]

The Milk Kobo Dairy Farm is a Niseko-based producer of dairy products and a beloved tourist destination within Niseko Town. With their self-produced milk as a base, they make award-winning sweets, cheese, and yogurts! They also strictly avoid additives whenever possible to ensure their products are safe, natural, and delicious. Their takeout shop in Niseko View Plaza serves soft-serve ice cream and cheese tarts.

[Eff Eff]

Eff Eff is a Niseko-based producer of handmade sausages; all sausages are made from Hokkaido pork and without preservatives or synthetic food coloring! Eff Eff offers the best-quality sausages in different varieties, such as hot dogs, grilled sausages, and much more. The takeout shop in View Plaza even serves sausages that are not sold at the Eff Eff Café itself. Don't miss out on them!

[Vege King]

Enjoy soups and desserts made from fresh, naturally sweet vegetables and fruits grown and harvested from Tada Farm.

[Rookie's Kitchen]

Using the finest ingredients from local farmers! We sell easy-to-eat snacks such as curry, original zangi, and onigiri (rice balls) using Niseko vegetables. Perfect for a road trip.

Facility Information

Restroom Facility

The vending machines and restrooms are available 24 hours a day. Furthermore, you will find brochures and information about local events, activities, restaurants, accommodation, etc. on the corridor walls near the restroom.


In our courtyard, you can savor your lunch while enjoying the lovely view of Mt. Yotei, or simply relax and plan your next driving-route while taking a sunbath.

  • [Parking Lot]
  • [Toilets]
    • Men's toilet: 3 Western-style toilets, 6 urinals
    • Women's toilet: 11 Western-style toilets
  • [Accessible Toilet] 1 accessible toilet
  • [Bidets]
    • Men's toilet: 2 bidet-equipped toilets
    • Women's toilet: 10 bidet-equipped toilets
    • Accessible toilet: 1 bidet-equipped toilet
  • [Ostomate] The accessible toilet has one ostomate
  • [Facilities for guest with disabilities]
  • [Phone]
  • [Shop]
  • [Cafe, Lunch]
  • [Free Rest Area]
  • [Information]
  • [AED]
  • [Credit card] (* not all shops in Niseko View Plaza accept credit cards)
  • [Wi-Fi]
  • [Diaper Changing Station]
  • 398 174 591

Phone Number & Business Hours

  • Information Plaza Building
    TEL: 0136-43-2051 Business hours: 9:00-18:00 (all year round)
  • Farmers' Market
    TEL: 0136-44-3433 Business hours: 8:30-17:00 (late April-October), 9:00-17:00 (November-late April)
  • Takeout Shops
    TEL: 0136-43-2051
Michi No Eki - Niseko View Plaza
77-10 Motomachi, Niseko-cho, Abuta-gun, Hokkaido 048-1544
TEL: (0136) 43-2051
Business hours: 9:00-18:00
[Map code: 398 174 561 * 62]