Niseko Collection
A New Niseko Collection for the Winter Season Is Now on Sale!

Niseko's only activity coupon, the Niseko Collection, is back! We now offer a winter version of the popular coupon that can be bought right now! The all-so popular coupon, Niseko Collection, l…

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Niseko Premium Gift Certificate Reprinted:
Niseko’s Winter Gift Certificate Is Now on Sale

With a premium rate of 20%, Niseko Town's highly sought-after Tourism Premium Gift Certificate is now on sale! Because of overwhelming demand, we are happy to announce that the Premium Gift Ce…

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Measure against the COVIT-19 Virus

Public Health/Hospitals:
The “Niseko Public Health Inst. Map” Is Available Now!

If you feel sick or get hurt, with this map in your pocket, you can feel safe.  The "Niseko Public Health Inst. Map" is a convenient travel partner for the Niseko area. Don't forget to…

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About Yu Meguri Pass

Yu Meguri Onsen Pass:
Hotel Green Park Iwanai Closed

This announcement regards the Niseko Yu Meguri Onsen Pass. It saddens us to announce that the Hotel Green Park Iwanai closed on December 31, 2021. Since the hotel was a member of our Niseko Yu Megur…

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Staff Blog

Niskeo Avalanche Meeting:
This Year’s Niseko Avalanche Meeting Will Be Held on December 29, 2021

The following is an announcement from the Niseko Town Hall. ****************************************** This year, the Niseko Avalanche Meeting is held on December 29, 2021. On the meeting, Niseko�…

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