Route 66 “Panorama Line”:
Reopening of the Prefectural Route 66

  Prefectural Route 66: Iwanai-Toya Line (The "Panorama Line") The road was closed for 18.3 km between Gate 744-1 Oikomi, Kyowa-cho and Yusato, aza Rankoshi-cho (Yusato Gate). The route i…

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Event Information

Niseko Town Glamping Project

*This is an announcement from Niseko Machi Shusai Co. Ltd. The information given below is directly excerpted from Niseko Machi Shusai's event Facebook page. Please, feel free to participate if y…

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Niseko Takahashi Diary Farm:
Grand Reopening of the Café Est

*This is an announcement from the Takahashi Dairy Farm. We are thrilled to announce that the recently renovated Café Est will have a grand reopening on Saturday,  April 24, 2021. All of your favorite…

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About Yu Meguri Pass

Niseko Yu Meguri Hot Spring Pass:
New Flyer!

We are happy to unveil the renewed flyer of our Niseko Yu Meguri Hot Spring Pass. The Niseko Yu Meguri Hot Spring Pass is a hot spring pass that lets you enjoy all of the Niseko area's best hot …

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Measure against the COVIT-19 Virus

Niseko Town Is Implementing New Preventive Measures

In Niseko Town, we are thoroughly implementing preventive measures against COVID-19 infections. There are many various tourist spots in Niseko Town, and after fully understanding the characteristics …

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