NEWS 2020年6月


[Niseko Cheer Project] – Niseko Restaurant Relief Coupon

As a financial relief measure, we are happy to announce the release of the "Niseko-Cho Inshokuten Oen Coupon" (Niseko Town Restaurant Relief Coupon). Below we provide a list of all particip…

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[Lucky-Dip Bag] Free Shipping – “Niseko Fukubukuro” (Lucky-Dip Bag)

Sale is starting as of June the 26th  "Don't lose to Corona - Niseko Cheer Project" Limited Lucky-Dip Bag We at the Michinoeki - Niseko View Plaza - Information Plaza Building  were t…

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[Event Cancelation] – “Niseko Annupuri Hoshi Zora No Tabi”

We are very sorry to inform everyone, that this year's "Hoshi Zora No Tabi" will be canceled, in order to prevent a further spread of the COVIT-19 virus! "Hoshi Zora No Tabi&quo…

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[Start of Bicycle Rental] – Niseko Green Bike

As of June the 20th 2020, our long awaited bicycle rental service is finally available again! With our electric assisted bicycles, cycling through the hilly Niseko becomes a breeze. Rental season:…

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[Change in business hours/days] – “Yu Meguri Pass” participating facilities

Change in business hours/days for the "Yu Meguri Pass" participating facilities Facilities for the "red coupon" Kiranoyu Opened as usual (only the sauna is closed) Kiranoyu h…

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