[Niseko Cheer Project: Niseko Restaurant Relief Coupon] — How to Use Guide

As a financial relief measure, we are happy to announce the Niseko Town Restaurant Relief Coupon (Nisekocho Inshokuten Oen Coupon in Japanese).

Below we provide a list of all participating restaurants. ♪

This coupon is being mailed to all residents of the Niseko Town and can be used for bentos (each must cost 300 yen or higher) and side dishes/drinks/sets (each must cost 600 yen or higher). One coupon can be used for up to five individual dishes (you cannot use the coupon five times on one dish). You cannot use the coupon for eating inside the restaurant (the use is for take-out only)!

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 How to use the coupon?
  1. Cut out the coupon
  2. Look at the list of applicable restaurants (below) and choose the one you like.
    Since you have two coupons, you are allowed to choose two restaurants. 
  3. Fill in your name, address, and the number of dishes you want to use the coupon for (up to five).
  4. Hand the coupon over to the restaurant and get your discount.
Important Notice
  • You can’t use this coupon when eating inside the restaurant. Use it for takeout only!
  • You can use the coupon only for five individual dishes (bentos above 300 yen or side dishes above 600 yen)!
 What is the difference between a bento and a side dish? 

A bento is a “dish set” consisting of rice/noodles (or other food high in carbohydrates) combined with a side dish. Everything else will be categorized as just a side dish.

Bento Side dish
Zangi + rice Zangi


 Until when can I use the coupon?

The coupons can be used from June 10, 2020, until October 10, 2020. After this time period, the coupons expire and can’t be used any longer! 

 ”I am not from Niseko Town; can I still use the coupon?”

We apologize for the inconvenience; the coupon is for Niseko Town residents only.  

 List of restaurants where the coupon is applicable

Niseko Takahashi Bokujo MANDRIANO
【Addresse】 Soga 888-1
【TEL】 0136-44-3735
【Business Hours】 11:00–18:00 (17:30 L.O.)
【Regular Closing Days】 None
【Recommended Menu】
・Pizza Margarita 1,050 yen
・Pizza Formage Cheese Pizza 1,350 yen
・Pizza Fungi 1,580 yen
【Note from the owner】
Besides "Obon season" we take orders via phone, feel free to ask us any questions.
【Addresse】 Hondori 106 - 3
【TEL】 0136-55-6507
【Business Hours】 9:00–16:00
【Regular Closing Days】 Sunday
【Recommended Menu】 
・Hakuro Beef Burger 880 yen (when ordered for take out)
【Note from the owner】 
We offer many other takeout dishes, fell free to fit us any time! 
Café & Chisana Yado Nodoka
【Addresse】 Soga 370-4
【TEL】 0136-55-7888
【Business Hours】 10:00–15:30 (lunch time 11:00 - 14:00)
【Recommended Menu】
・Hayashi Rice 800 yen 
・Beef Curry Rice 800 yen 
【Note from the owner】
Please, come and enjoy our delicious veggie packed dishes at home! We also recommend you to try out our vast coffee selection. 
*Please note, you need to make a reservation one day in advance for the hayashi rice or the beef curry rice!
Niseko Base Café
【Addresse】 Chuo Dori 60 - 2 (Niseko Base Café)
【TEL】 0136-55-5538
【Business Hours】  11:30–16:30
【Regular Closing Days】 Monday, Thursday 
【Recommended Menu】
・3 x Waffle Set 830 yen 
・5 x Waffle Set 1,300 yen 
・Waffle + Drink Set  800 yen
【Note from the owner】 
Our waffles are voluminous, crisp from the outside and soft in the inside. They also fit perfectly to our set of latte drinks (chocolate, maccha, houji cha)! If you are looking for a luxuries coffee break, we are the place to go to!   
Lupicia Gourmand Outlet Marché
【Addresse】 Moto Machi 436 - 2
【TEL】 0136-43-2177
【Business Hours】 7:30–9:30 (only opened during Saturday and Sunday)
【Recommended Menu】
・Chefu no Rikisaku Bento 500 yen 
・Cake 500–1,000 yen (differs from week to week)
【Note from the owner】
We opened our marché so our costumers can get a special discount prices on products directly from the factory, "b level products" and products close to their expiring date.
【Addresse】 Soga 919 - 4
【TEL】 0136-44-1160
【Business Hours】 12:00–15:00 (only opened during lunch)
【Regular Closing Days】 Sunday
【Recommended Menu】
・Different Bentos everyday 
*please, take a look at our menu on our website
【Note from the owner】 
Our bentos are not only voluminous and healthy but they also cost only 500 yen! 
【Addresse】 Hon Dori 113 - 15
【TEL】 080-6091-4156
【Business Hours】 11:00–15:00 
【Regular Closing Days】 Irregular closing days 
【Recommended Menu】 
・Meat Sauce Pita 600 yen or more
【Note from the owner】 
We offer food made of local ingredients and pay particular attention to avoid additives, plus we also serve organic coffee!  
【Addresse】 Higashi Yama
【TEL】 0136-55-8918
【Business Hours】 11:00–18:00
【Regular Closing Days】 Wednesday, Thursday
【Recommended Menu】
・Croque-monsieur 900 yen
・Roast Beef Sandwich 1,100 yen
・Ezo Shika Burger 1,250 yen
【Note from the owner】
Come and try our healthy fast food!
Taj Mahal Niseko
【Addresse】 Niseko 429 - 45
【TEL】 0136-55-8699
【Business Hours】 11:30–15:00
【Regular Closing Days】 None (for the time being)
【Recommended Menu】
・Vegetable Curry with rice 650 yen 
・Keema Curry with rice 700 yen
・Chicken Curry with rice 750 yen
・Vegetable Curry with nan 900 yen 
・Keema Curry with nan 1,000 yen 
・Chicken Curry with nan 1,100 yen
【Note from the owner】 
Coupon can't be used on Sunday! We are now offering the lunch menu for takeout as well and we are also offering 20% on the regular menu for takeout!
The POW BAR cafe
【Addresse】 Moto Machi 77 -16
【TEL】 0136-55-6739
【Business Hours】 8:00–16:00
【Regular Closing Days】 Wednesday, Thursday
【Recommended Menu】 
・Pow Bar Plate 1,260 yen 
・Seasonal Granola 680 yen 
・Homemade Spicy Chai Latte 600 yen
【Note from the owner】
Starting from 8 o'clock in the morning, we offer fresh coffee, bread and donuts. Everything on our menu is offered for takeout, as well! 
【Addresse】 Hondori 95
【TEL】 0136-55-5817
【Business Hours】 18:00–22:00
【Regular Closing Days】 Irregular closing days
【Recommended Menu】 
・Anchoby Pizza 880 yen and more
・Tomato Bacon Pizza 880 yen and more
*we offer delivery for costumers ordering food for over 2,500 yen 
(in a 5 km radius)
【Note from the owner】
Those are difficult times but we might relief some of your stress by providing a delicious supper.
【Addresse】 Hondori 92-1
【TEL】 0136-44-2822
【Business Hours】 11:30–15:00/17:30–20:00
【Regular Closing Days】 Monday
【Recommended Menu】
・Different bentos every day 700 yen 
(main dish plus a boiled and a fried side dishes)
・Katsu Curry (pork schnitzel curry) with Salat 700 yen (pork schnitzel curry)
・Hiyashi Chuka (cold Chinese dish) with Salat 700 yen
【Note from the owner】
We use local ingredients for our main dishes and our katsu curry is especially popular! 
*reservations are taken until 5 pm one day in advance. Please don't order more than 10 individual dishes.
【Addresse】 Fijimi 186-22 (opened during the night)
【TEL】 080-9921-8708
【Business Hours】 11:30–18:00
【Regular Closing Days】 Irregular opening hours
【Recommended Menu】
・Bacon Cheese Burger 950 yen
・Bacon Cheese Double 1,200 yen 
・Cheese Burger/Bacon Burger each 850 yen 
【Note from the owner】
Our burgers are the so called "the healthy burgers"!
We use only homemade bacon, only meat from grass fed cows, Staito's special burger buns and as much vegetables from Niseko. If food is order for after 15:00, please make the order before 16:00. 
【Addresse】 Arishima 90-52
【TEL】 090-7655-0678
【Business Hours】 11:00–18:00/Fri, Sat: 11:00–21:00
【Regular Closing Days】 Everyday Monday and every third Tuesday
【Recommended Menu】 
・Lunch of the day (changes everyday) 800 yen 
・Quiche lunch 800 yen
【Note from the owner】
We serve a healthy lunch that uses all fresh and local vegetables.
【Addresse】 Chuo Dori 33 (inside the onsen Kiranoyu)
【TEL】 0136-44-1100
【Business Hours】 10:00–18:00
【Regular Closing Days】 Tuesday, Wednesday 
【Recommended Menu】
・Birthday cakes 2,300 yen
【Note from the owner】
We use many seasonal and local ingredients in our products!
【Addresse】 Moto Machi 79-42
【TEL】 090-8372-1890
【Business Hours】 10:00–17:00 (we might change our opening ours counter a further spreading of the COVIT-19 virus)
【Regular Closing Days】 Irregular closing days
【Recommended Menu】
・Organic kita akira (kind of potato) 
  + organic soda/coffee se 860 yen
・Organic kita akira (kind of potato) 
  + beer set 1,040 yen
【Note from the owner】
This is a taste you can only find here! Come and enjoy our fried and none chemically treated potatoes with any topping you like! 
Kitchen Utage
【Addresse】 Moto Machi 79 - 42
【TEL】 0136-55-7094
【Business Hours】 10:00–17:00 (opening hours might change, depending on the weather conditions)
【Regular Closing Days】 Irregular closing days
【Recommended Menu】 
・Buto Don (pork bowl) 900 yen
・Steak Don (bowl) 1,200 yen 
・6 x Zangi (fried chicken) 600 yen
*we also offer delivery (reservation is needed)
【Note from the owner】
We also offer another set of filling food like sliced sweetened strawberries, Utage Dango (rice paste balls), sweets, curry!
【Addresse】 Hondori 67 - 1
【TEL】 0136-55-8863
【Business Hours】 18:00–21:00
【Regular Closing Days】 Sunday
【Recommended Menu】 
・Karage (fried chicken) Bento 600 yen
・Mapo Tofu Eggplant Don (bowl) 600 yen 
・Yakitori (chicken skewer) bento 600 yen or more
【Note from the owner】
Order Food over 2,500 yen and make a delivery (in an 5km radius from our shop)
【Addresse】 Moto Machi 79-42
【TEL】 0136-48-5660
【Business Hours】 11:00–17:00
【Regular Closing Days】 Thursday
【Recommended Menu】
・Goma Miso Ramen 900 yen
・Kara Miso Ramen 980 yen
・Ume Shio Ramen 900 yen
【Note from the owner】
We make delicious ramen 
Pension & Restaurant Pistare Kana
【Addresse】 Niseko 431-1 
【TEL】 0136-58-3330
【Business Hours】 11:30–15:00 (middle of June)
*if a reservation comes in before 15:00 you can order the dinner menu as well. The business hours may change from July.
【Regular Closing Days】 Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
【Recommended Menu】 
・Nepal Curry 1,500 yen
【Note from the owner】
Our curry is healthy before anything else. It is so healthy, you can eat it everyday!
Farmer's Kitchen PonPon
【Addresse】 Chuo Dori 86-1
【TEL】 0136-55-5707
【Business Hours】 Check our Facebook page
【Regular Closing Days】 Check our Facebook page
【Recommended Menu】
・Hand Made Pizza 1,400 yen or more 
・Hand Made Pasta 900 yen or more 
・Snack set of your choice (4 different snacks) 1,000 yen or more
【Note from the owner】
Even at home, let us make your belly go "pon pon" (fully stuffed)!
Shizen Shokudo En
【Addresse】 Soga 888-4
【TEL】 0136-44-1335
【Business Hours】 10:00–13:00
【Regular Closing Days】 Saturday, Sunday, Holidays
【Recommended Menu】
・Bento of the day 700 yen + taxes
・En balance bento 900 en + taxes 
*our delivery fee is 200 yen (for one delivery). Normally we prefer reservations one day in advance but if the order is small ordering on the same day is fine, too. Please feel free to ask us any questions.
【Note from the owner】
This bento will heal your body  from the inside. Please try out the healing power of our health food.
Pikan Roll Pizza
【Addresse】 Kondo 260-1
【TEL】 0136-55-6262
【Business Hours】 11:00–17:30
【Regular Closing Days】 Thursday
【Recommended Menu】 
・Pizza - anchovy tomato garlic 1,280 yen
・Pizza - genovese 2,200 yen 
・Pizza - taco meat 1,280 yen 
【Note from the owner】
Our takeout dishes are: 
Roll pizza, whole pizza, sweets and all the drinks. The tomato sauce is made out of the manma farm tomatoes. 
Kono Yuki Ton Ton
【Addresse】 Niseko 438 (inside the Yugokorotei hotel)
【TEL】 0136-58-2500
【Business Hours】 11:30–14:30
【Regular Closing Days】 Onsen cleaning (closed twice a week irregularly)
【Recommended Menu】
・Roast katsu bento 1,480 yen + tax
・Hire katsu bento 1,580 yen + tax (five per day)
*delivery is only allowed for reservation made two days in advance and for orders with over 10 dishes. We deliver only to designated areas inside Niseko Town (Niseko, Higashiyama, Soga, Hondori, Arishima, Fujimi). Delivering time is from 11:30 till 18:00. 
【Note from the owner】
At Kono Yuki Ton Ton we use only the best, fresh and none frozen pork for our dishes. You can have your takeout lunch even after visiting the Yugokorotei onsen! Just ask for "ton yoku" at the reception and you will get a discount on the onsen!  
【Addresse】 Moto Machi 79-66
【TEL】 0136-55-5114
【Business Hours】 1:30-14:30 / 17:30 - 20:00
【Regular Closing Days】 Irregular
【Recommended Menu】 
・Karage Bento 800 yen 
・Hamburger Curry 850 yen 
・Hamburger Ebi Fry Bento 1,100 yen
【Note from the owner】
Reservations are needed!
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