NEWS 2021年12月

Staff Blog

Niskeo Avalanche Meeting:
This Year’s Niseko Avalanche Meeting Will Be Held on December 29, 2021

The following is an announcement from the Niseko Town Hall. ****************************************** This year, the Niseko Avalanche Meeting is held on December 29, 2021. On the meeting, Niseko�…

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Ainu Culture
Famous Voice Actors Read Ainu Tales about the Night Sky!

Immerse yourself in the beautiful music and Ainu tales of the starry sky at this astonishing event in Niseko Town, sponsored by NHK Sapporo Broadcasting Station. The Ainu people have wonderful tales…

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JR Niseko Station:
The JR Niseko Train Station Is Now Being Illuminated!

As every year, the JR Niseko Station is illuminated each night, starting from December 20. This year, with the help of local businesses, we were able to replace the old string lights. Now, the sta…

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Measure against the COVIT-19 Virus

Niseko Town Is Implementing New Preventive Measures

In Niseko Town, we are thoroughly implementing preventive measures against COVID-19 infections. There are many various tourist spots in Niseko Town, and after fully understanding the characteristics …

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Snow Dog Village:
Winter Event Announcements!

The following is a message from Snow Dog Village. -------------------------------------------------- Snow Dog Village is one of the best condominiums for pet owners to stay in Niseko. Just 3 min…

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