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Famous Voice Actors Read Ainu Tales about the Night Sky!

Immerse yourself in the beautiful music and Ainu tales of the starry sky at this astonishing event in Niseko Town, sponsored by NHK Sapporo Broadcasting Station.

The Ainu people have wonderful tales about the starry sky passed down from generation to generation.
This winter, you can experience them read aloud live by popular voice actors!
Along with the reading, live music by traditional Ainu musical instruments will be performed.
In addition, a large screen will be installed on the stage, and the event will be broadcasted on NHK BS Premium.
On the screen, the video of the program “Cosmic Front” will be projected with an 8K projector.

The readers are the popular voice actor Hiromi Igarashi and Yoshimasa Hosoya!
The music will be handled by the Ainu Art Project.

[Event-Name] Hoshi Oriru Yoru Ha Kono Oka De – Yozora ni Ukabu Kamui no Monogatari
[Date] Saturday, February 5, 2022
[Time] <1st time> 11: 00-12: 30
<2nd time> 15: 30-17: 00
[Venue] Niseko Comin Center (Niseko Community Hall)
[Organizer] NHK Sapporo Broadcasting Station
[Support] Niseko Town, Niseko Town Board of Education

Admission is free, but you need to apply!
Sign up here! (Until 23:59 on Thursday, January 20, 2022)

Event flyer on this hill on a starry night

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