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This is a promotional video for Niseko covering everything from Niseko's beautiful nature, culture, winter and summer seasons as well as many other themes.

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  • Niseko2010 JP | 02 Green Season
  • Niseko2010JP | 03 White Season
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The name of our region, "Niseko (Niseko-an)", is derived from the Ainu language and means "steep cliff (with a river below)". Niseko Annupuri, where most of the ski areas are, therefore means "a mountain with a steep cliff (and a river below)."

The Niseko town is located in the western part of central Hokkaido, lying almost in the centre of the Shiribeshi jurisdiction.Niseko is widely know for Mt. Yotei and Mt. Annupuri but Niseko is also famous for it's nature, activities, mild summer and thriving agriculture. Come and experience for yourself the beauty of Niseko's four season!

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