NEWS 2024年1月

Notice about JR Hokkaido
Before using JR, please check the operation status! (Update: January 28th (Sun))

  Notice to everyone using JR Hokkaido. Heavy snow may cause train delays or suspensions in the winter season. Before using JR, please check the operation status on the JR Hokkaido website in adva…

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For Skiers & Snowboarders :
Overseas Wireless Radio is prohibited in Japan!

Announcement from Hokkaido Bureau of Telecommunications. Overseas Wireless radio devices (such as UHF-CB, PRS and FRS) are STRICTLY PROHIBITED in Japan. For further information please visit a web…

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Messages from Niseko Resort Tourist Association

HAPPY NEW YEAR 2024! We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support over the past year. We are always looking forward to your visit in the Niseko Area. Do our best for …

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