To Businesses in Niseko
ATTENTION!!! Niseko Town Has Two Coupons Circulating! Do Not Mix Them up!

Since October 1st (Friday), there is a new gift coupon circulating in Niseko!
The new coupon is called the “Niseko Town Supporting Gift Certificate” and is issued by the Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce.

For the “Niseko Town Tourism Premium Gift Certificate” and the “Niseko Town Supporting Gift Certificate” participating stores are different, please be aware of that fact!
When you receive a gift certificate from a customer, please check if the gift certificate is one your store participates in.
Please check the list below to confirm which store participates in which gift certificate campaign.

Niseko Town Supporting Gift Certificate Dealer List (issued by Niseko Town Chamber of Commerce)

Niseko Town Tourism Premium Gift Certificate List of Available Stores (Niseko Resort Tourism Association)

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