For Businesses:
Request for Cooperation in Tourism Stimulation Plan

This is an announcement from the Hokkaido Tourism Organization.


Since last spring, the tourism industry has been hit hard throughout Hokkaido due to the spread of the new coronavirus, but as the vaccination rate in Hokkaido slowly exceeds the majority, the situation is expected to get better after autumn.

The Hokkaido Tourism Organization and the Hokkaido Economic Federation, both members of the four economic organizations in Hokkaido, aims to stimulate tourism in Hokkaido for this autumn season. We have created a special homepage where organizations and groups can post information regarding “demand stimulation plans (products), events”.

A special page will be created on the official Hokkaido tourism website Good Day Hokkaido.

In preparation for nationwide tourism demand after the end of large-scale events such as the Tokyo Olympics/Paralympics, we will disseminate information using various channels.
Members who understand the purpose and can support (participate in) are kindly requested to cooperate in disseminating information through mutual links with your company’s WEB page.

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