[Cycling] – The Best Cycling Courses in Niseko


Bicycles withelectric assistance are offered for rental at the JR Niseko Train Station

Rent a bicycle and go on an adventure around Niseko! 

How can you enjoy Niseko’s beautiful scenery to the fullest?

We from the Niseko Resort Tourist Association are recommending a bicycle touur through Niseko! Choose one of the many courses through Niseko Town from the “Hokkaido Niseko Cycling Map” (Japanese) or take one of our staffs best recommended routes below, staring from the JR Niseko Train Station. 

Niseko is surrounded by mountains and most of the roads are hilly. In order to have a smooth cycling experience we also recommend to rent on of our electrical assisted bicycles “Green Bike +” from the JR Niseko Station. If you are looking for bicycles without an electrical assistance, then we recommend Lion Adventures rental bicycles which is just 5 min by feet from the JR Niseko Train Station.

Table of Contents

Feel the history of Niseko
Course around the Niseko Station

The start point of this course is the JR Niseko Station. From here you will go on a journey Niseko’s land reclamation history by following the footsteps of literary master “Arishima Takeo” leading us to the Arishima Memorial Museum. This route also goes along the very popular “Niseko View Plaza”. From the View Plaza the route gently runs down hill alongside Niseko’s beautiful scenery, leading your way back to the Niseko Train Station. 

Route Length 10.8km Overall Incline 3.9%
Route Duration 1.5 h Strongest Incline 13%



Make a cycle expedition around the “Ezo Fuji”
Mt. Yotei Course

Cycle one complete around Mt. Yotei, also kown as the “Ezo Fuji”, starting from Niseko through all Yotei towns, including Kuchan, Kyogoku, Makkari and Niseko. On the way you pass by popular local spots like Niseko’s Ostrich Farm or Kyogoku’s Spring Water Park, as well as Kuchan’s Hirafu Area! 

Route Length 54.6 km Overall Incline 3%
Route Duration 3.5 h  Strongest Incline 9%




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