Niseko Premium Shopping Coupon:
Now Available at Niseko Town’s Ski Grounds

⛄The winter season has arrived!!⛄

Accompanying the grand opening of Niseko’s ski grounds, we are happy to announce, the Premium Shopping Coupons are now sold at Niseko Town’s ski ground as well!

As winter has fallen into Niseko Town, the ski grounds are finally opening. 
And what day would be better to start selling Niseko’s Premium Shopping Coupon at the ski grounds than their respected opening day?

Yes, as of today, Niseko’s Premium Shopping Coupons are available at the Moiwa Ski Ground and Niseko Annupuri International Ski Ground.

Also, the coupons sold at the ski grounds can be bought by customers living in and outside Niseko Town! 

Coupons can be used for lift tickets, lift passes, and restaurants, as well as rental shops around the ski ground! 

Don’t waste any time, and get your Premium Shopping Coupon today! 

Ski Grounds Where the Coupons Are Available
Niseko International Ski Ground Sale starts on Saturday, December 5, 2020
*Sold inside the office, not the lift ticket counter!
Niseko Moiwa Ski Ground Sale starts on Friday, December 4, 2020 
*Sold inside the office, not the lift ticket counter!


Further Information about the Premium Shopping Coupon Ski Ground Sale
Price One set 5,000 yen
(One set includes thirteen 500 yen coupons, giving it a total value of 6,500 yen!)
Sets sold per customer

One customer is allowed to buy one set of coupons.
*Regardless of whether the customer lives in Niseko Town or not. 

Accepting Stores The coupons can be used at the ski ground, of course, and over 100 shops and businesses in Niseko Town.

List of participating businesses

Other important information – The coupons can also be bought by customers who have bought Premium Shopping Coupon sets before the ski ground sale. 
– The tickets are being sold as long as stock lasts.


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