Niseko Marathon:
The 40th Niseko Marathon Will Be Canceled

The following is an announcement from the Niseko Marathon Festival Committee.

The 40th Niseko Marathon, planned for November 18, 2022, will be canceled.

Regarding the decision to cancel the marathon, it must be said the committee considered all possibilities of holding the event. However, after carefully evaluating possible preventive measures, the committee concluded that they couldn’t prevent contact between athletes and spectators completely! Therefore, in an effort to put everyone’s safety the top priority, the committee decided to cancel this year’s Niseko Marathon. 

Niseko Marathon is the most well-known sports event in spring, and each year Niseko Marathon is supported by a variety of organisations, partner companies, and a wave of volunteers. For this and many other reasons, it hurts us to give the sad announcement that Niseko Marathon has been canceled again this year. 

Still, we are optimistic for the next fiscal year, and we wish for a quick end to the novel coronavirus. Once the Niseko Marathon can be held without any safety concerns, we aim to make it an event that can reach more runners and spectators than it ever had before. When that time comes, we hope for your continued support. 

Niseko Marathon Festival Committee

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