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Yale Shiribeshi! Kitchen Car Festival

This is a notice from the Shiribeshi General Promotion Bureau.


At the Promotion Bureau, due to the cancellation of various events due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection
To create store opening opportunities for kitchen car operators who have lost store opening opportunities
The parking lot of the Promotion Bureau will be opened and an event will be held.
Therefore, we are looking for stores to open until October 20th (Wednesday).
For kitchen car operators whose sales offices are located in the Shiribeshi area
Please see the leaflet below and consider opening a store.

Kitchen car flyer

Name: Yale Shiribeshi! Kitchen car festival
Date and time: Wednesday, November 3rd, 11: 00-14: 00 (light rain)
Location: Shiribeshi General Promotion Bureau Parking Lot
Contents: Sales by kitchen car, sales of agricultural products by high school students in the jurisdiction

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