[Restaurant Relief Coupon Program] — Restaurants Can Now Apply for the Program!

As the COVIT-19 virus is still spreading, many restaurants in Niseko struggle with decreased customer numbers. The Niseko Town and the Niseko Resort Tourist Association are working together on a discount coupon program for restaurants offering takeout and bento dishes (dishes served in lunchboxes) to relieve local restaurants.

We are currently still searching for restaurants willing to apply to this respected Restaurant Relief Coupon Program!

Restaurants interested and conform to our program guidelines can apply via FAX or WEB until June 1, 2020.

We eagerly await your applications!

Program Outlines

Restaurants applicable for the program

Restaurants in Niseko Town offering takeout and delivery (Including Food Trucks)

Program time frame

The distribution of coupon starts on August 8, 2020.

Application fee



  • Coupon Face Value: 300 yen
    *One coupon can be used for five dishes (giving it a total face value of 1.500 yen)
  • Two coupons are distributed per household                           
  • The total number of distributed coupons is 2,700
  • Coupons can only be used for takeout and the delivery of dishes!
    *Coupons are invalid for dishes eaten inside the restaurant!

How to apply

The application can be made via FAX or WEB until June 1, 2020 (date of reception).

·       FAX: 0136-55-5777 (download the application form

·       Online application form


Niseko Resort Tourist Association Co., Ltd. 

Person in charge of the program: Kawauchi and Yamaguchi

Tel.: 0136-44-2468 | FAX: 0136-55-5777
Mail address:

*This program is a joint project between the Niseko Town Hall and the Niseko Resort Tourist Association Co., Ltd.


Application Guidelines

The following restaurants are allowed for application.

All Restaurants that conform to the following guidelines can apply.

  1. Restaurants currently in business with an address in Niseko Town
  2. Restaurants offering delivery or takeout as a new service due to the COVIT-19 outbreak (restaurants that already did delivery/takeout before the outbreak are also allowed).
  3. Restaurants with a permission/licenses from the ministry of health or other government office
  4. Restaurants must apply (via the application form) before the deadline of June 1, 2020
  5. Before applying to our coupon program, all restaurants must consult with the ministry of health about the guidelines of selling/making bento, takeout, deliveries!

▶Please check the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (Hokkaido Insurance and Welfare Office, department for health safety, the section for food hygiene, food safety group) Homepage.
▶For Questions contact: Kutchan Health Ministry, Department for Daily Life Hygiene, food insurance official (Tel.: 0136-23-1961)

Application process

How to apply

Application is made via FAX (download the application form) or WEB until June 1, 2020 (date of reception).

After a small inquiry/research, we will post the applied restaurants online and mark them as restaurants applicable for our coupon.  

How the Coupons are used

The contracting restaurants must store used coupons until they are asked to hand them over to the Niseko Resort Tourist Association. After the coupons have been passed down and the coupon usage report and all the used coupons have been checked, we will transfer the coupon’s face value money to the designated bank account. *Please note, the bank account must be from the Niseko branch office of the Hokkaido Shinkin Bank! If you use any other bank, please contact us! We will provide more information at a later point via a how-to-use manual.

Other important point

  • The coupon can’t be used for dishes eaten inside the restaurant.
  • The coupon can’t be used for a bento costing less than 300 yen. It can also not be used for side dishes costing below 600 yen.
  • Used coupon’s face value can only be transferred during the designated time period! If the time period is missed, no money will be transferred to the respected restaurant!
  • If the coupon isn’t correctly filled out by the user (coupon number, address, name) or has no publisher stamp/publishing number, it is invalid.  
  • The publishing company will take no responsibility if the coupon is lost or stolen and will not distribute any replacements.

Deadline for the money transfer application

August 20, 2020 (coupons can be used until August 10, 2020)


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