Camping Ground:
The Niseko Yaeijo Camping Ground Will Open from June 17, 2022!

The following is an announcement from the Niseko Town Hall.

We are happy to announce that the Niseko Yaeijo Camping Ground will open from June 17, 2022.

※It is not possible to make any reservations!
 All campers are asked to respect each other and put up their tents where available space. If all space is occupied, please do not stay at the side.
※Please consider that a rush to the camping site is expected, and there is very likely not enough camping space for everyone!
※Please mind your manners and obey the rules of the camping ground.
※At any cost, take your garbage and food with you!
 (waste attracts bears, so take your garbage with you at any cost)

For more information regarding the Niseko Yaeijo Camping Ground usage, please view the link below.

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