Measure against the COVIT-19 Virus

Niseko Town Is Implementing New Preventive Measures

In Niseko Town, we are thoroughly implementing preventive measures against COVID-19 infections.

There are many various tourist spots in Niseko Town, and after fully understanding the characteristics such as “dense,” “close,” and “sealed,” the risk of infection increases so that visitors can visit Niseko with peace of mind.
Therefore, we are making thorough efforts to prevent the spread of infection.

As a result:
No clusters have occurred in Niseko Town so far!
There have been three COVID-19 infection cases (tested positive) within the last 2 weeks in Niseko Town!
(As of September 04, 2021)

Even after the state of emergency order, issued in April 2020 and January 2021, were lifted in each prefecture, the risk of getting infected is not gone!

In Niseko Town, we comply with and promote the “New Hokkaido Style” promoted by Hokkaido. At the same time,
we have created the “COVID-19 Infectious Disease Prevention Guidelines,” which we promote to all Niseko Town tourists and openly encourage them to follow.

≫ Information related to COVID-19 infections 
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