[Discounted Niseko Collection 2020] — Running out of Stock!

The Niseko Collection is our all so popular activity coupon for the Niseko area!

With it, you can choose between 3 of Niseko best activities, and in combination with Doumin Wari (Hokkaido Citizen Discount), you can get a 5,000 yen discount on the coupon per person!

The coupon is very well Received, and we are running low on the Doumin Wari offers for the Niseko Collection. If you are a Hokkaido citizen, don’t miss out on this exceptional deal and apply before we run out of stock! 

For more information and applications, please visit our Niseko Collection page.▶

The Doumin Wari Niseko Collection Coupon is differing a little bit from the normal Niseko Collection as it must be used within one day and is required to include one activity accompanied by a guide! Other important information about the Doumin Wari Niseko Collection is written below.

  • Customers applying for the Doumin Wari Niseko Collection are required to provide proof that they are residing in Hokkaido (usually a picture of an id card with your address, like a driver’s license or an insurance card).
  • Unlike the normal Niseko Collection, the Doumin Wari Niseko Collection is designed as a day trip coupon. Therefore all chosen activities have to be conducted on the same day!
  • From the three chosen activities, at least one must be an activity accompanied by a guide!
  • The coupon will be handed over to the customer after the date for your chosen guided activity printed on the coupon (changes to the date can’t be done after this)!
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