[For Businesses] – Businesses can now apply to Niseko’s “Premium Shopping Coupon Program”


Niseko Town will start it’s “Premium Shopping Coupon Program” as of October.
The Town is now looking for Business interested in becoming part of the project!

In order to give a fast recovery to the consumer sales in town, effected by the still ongoing COVIT-19 epidemic the town hall will start a “Premium Shopping Coupon Program” from October.

This “Premium Shopping Coupon Program” will be sold to Niseko Town residents, as well as tourists and town visitors! 
For the price of 5,000 yen a coupon will total value of 6,500 yen will issued (500 yen coupon x 13).

The town is now looking for businesses in Niseko Town, which are allowing the usage of these specific coupons!
Apply does not take any fees at all! 
We are looking forward to everyones support and application!

【Application Requirements】
・The Business must reside in Niseko Town
・Applicants must follow the guidelines of “Shin Hokkaido Style” 
This means you will have to sign an oath for those guidelines (further information at the link below)
“Shin Hokkaido Style”

【How to Apply】
Fill in the application form and send it via 
FAX (0136-55-5777)
E-mail (
Application Form

Outline for the “Premium Shopping Coupon Program”

【Time Span】 2020.10.10 (Sat) ~ 2021.2.7 (Sun)
【Target Customers】 Niseko Town residents, as well as town visitors and tourists 
【Price】 One set costs 5,000 yen and includes thirteen 500 yen coupons  (total value 6,500円)
【Stock】 10,000 sets (5,000 sets for town residents / 5,000 sets for nonresidents)

If you have any questions, feel free to ask us at 
Niseko Resort Tourist Association 
TEL: 0136-44-2468 / FAX: 0136-55-5777

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