To Tourism Business in Niseko
For a Safe and Secure Tourism in Niseko, We kindly Ask You to Reconfirm All Safety Measures

We would like to express our sincere gratitude for your understanding and cooperation in promoting the tourism policy of Niseko Town.

Now, in Niseko Town, we are about to enter the full-scale green season.
I think that the number of tourists who visit Niseko for outdoor activities such as canoeing etc. will increase.
We will continue to thoroughly implement safety measures for each implementing company.
A place that has been well received by tourists for providing safe, secure, and enjoyable services.
Thank you for each and every effort.

A marine accident occurred off the coast of Shiretoko, and rescue operations are still ongoing.
I sincerely pray that the search and rescue activities are fruitful and finished successfully as soon as possible.

Our tourism promotion vision is based on our common goal of “not letting any accidents happen” for the whole region. Furthermore, this vision also includes the aim of becoming a “sustainable international resort trusted by townspeople and tourists,” and for this purpose, we want that each activity & tour operator will once again take thorough safety and security measures. In addition, we ask that you re-inspect and reconfirm the operation details and provide comfortable and high-quality tourism services.

Below, we will post a request from the Niseko Town Hall / Niseko Resort Tourism Association and a notice from the Governor of Hokkaido.

Thank you for your understanding.

Request for reconfirmation and thorough safety measures (Niseko Town Hall / Niseko Resort Tourism Association)

Notice (Governor of Hokkaido) 2022.04.25

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