Restaurant Konayuki Tonton:
Unagi Is Now Served for Lunch!

Place: in Yugokorotei Onsen
Restaurant: Konayuki Tonton Niseko Store

This summer, a limited menu will be available to survive the hot days!

July 22 (Thursday) -Summer lunch period only

Unakatsu three-course set 2,380 yen (excluding tax)
* 1st course: Small bowl, pickles, dessert
2nd course: Mini pork cutlet
3rd course: “Unagi” using fluffy savory eel

Unaju set 2,180 yen (excluding tax)
* No pork cutlet

For each menu, miso soup, rice, and cabbage are free to refill!
In addition, the hot springs are free for those who have lunch! (Separate bath tax of 100 yen is required)

The eel will end as soon as it runs out.
Please enjoy it as soon as possible!

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