New Products From Lupicia!
Brand New Yotei Beer “MICANNE” Out Now!

Announcement of new products from Lupicia!

An original craft beer born from Niseko’s clear streams and the brewer’s commitment.
A refreshing winter beer full of mandarin orange juice is available for a limited time and in limited quantities!
It smells and tastes like a whole squeezed sweet mandarin orange.
Such a fruity beer was born. Its name is “MICANNE”.

A mandarin orange flavor made with puree of the French mandarin variety “Clementine” and plenty of juice from the domestic “Unshu mandarin orange”.
It is characterized not only by its bright light blue color but also by its tangerine-colored bubbles.
It is a rich drink with a good balance of sweetness and sourness. The aftertaste is very refreshing.
It’s designed to have a taste that doesn’t have the bitterness that is often found in beer, so you can enjoy it as if you were eating mandarin oranges at the kotatsu!

Let’s enjoy winter with “MICANNE”! For more information, please check the Lupicia Website.

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