[Niseko Collection] – “Doumin Wari – Niseko Collection” is sold out

The “Normal – Normal Niseko Collection” is still on sale 

As the “Niseko Collection” was show cased in television last week, we experienced a rapid increase in application, resulting in the sell out of the “Doumin Wari – Niseko Collection”. Since there were so many applications at the same time the system might not have been able to shut down the “Doumin Wari” application in time, allowing applications even though the “Doumin Wari” was sold out already. All customers, who applied to the “Doumin Wari – Niseko Collection” this morning will be informed be us, whether they were able to apply correctly for it or if it was an unfortunate error on our behalf. 

We are also still offering the the “Normal – Niseko Collection” as usually!

※If you fill in “いっとこ見た” in the message column of you application, you can get a 500 yen souvenir coupon for the Niseko Michi no Eki – Niseko View Plaza (“Information Plaza” building) for free!

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