[Niseko Collection 2020] — Activity Coupon Niseko Collection 2020 (Normal & Discounted Version) Is Now on Sale


The Niseko Collection is now on sale 

Finally, the sale of our popular Niseko Collection has started!

The Niseko Collection is an adventure/experience coupon that gives you the option to choose 3 out of the 34 most popular activities in Niseko!

With this coupon, you can enjoy Niseko to the fullest!

For more information and application, visit our Niseko Collection site.


The Niseko Collection is also part of the Domin Wari (Hokkaido Citizen Discount)

【For citizens of Hokkaido】
With our Niseko Collection’s sale, we also made an extra version of the coupon, the Niseko Collection 2020 Domin Wari, applicable for the Doumin Wari (Hokkaido citizen discount)! The Doumin Wari Niseko Collectio also includes a souvenir from the Niseko View Plaza.

Adults 10,000 yen→Doumin Wari price 5,000 yen(Doumin Wari discount is 5,000 yen)
Children 8,000 yen→Doumin Wari price 5,000 yen(Doumin Wari discount is 3,000 yen)
※To apply for the Domin Wari Coupon, the applicant must be a Hokkaido citizen. The customer is also obligated to include one outdoor experience and must conduct all activities on the same day (all three coupons must be used on the same day).

Sales start:
July 13, 2020, 14:00 (the same day as the Niseko Collection)

Expiring Date:
The Coupon is valid until October 25, 2020 (the same day as the Niseko Collection)

Where to apply for the Doumin Wari:
Doumin Wari Application and information

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