Public Health/Hospitals:
The “Niseko Public Health Inst. Map” Is Available Now!

If you feel sick or get hurt, with this map in your pocket, you can feel safe. 
The “Niseko Public Health Inst. Map” is a convenient travel partner for the Niseko area.
Don’t forget to answer the questionnaire below!

Thanks to the Sazaki Kaori Seminar/NPO SoRie from the Otaru’s National University of Commerce, we are happy to announce the completion of the “Niseko Public Health Inst. Map”. 

With this map, you can easily find access to hospitals in the Niseko area that are specialized in the specific needs of your injure/condition.  

Whether you come to Niseko as a tourist or are staying in Niseko long-term, this map will be of great use to you.

Access the map from the links below:

Niseko Public Health Inst. Map Japanese

Niseko Public Health Inst. Map English

Niseko Public Health Inst. Map Chinese

Feel free to use the map as you please!

A questionnaire about the map is conducted at the moment.
The results from all questionnaires will be used for the graduation thesis of the Sazaki Seminar.
It takes only a few minutes to answer the questions, so don’t shy away from participation!
(Deadline: Friday, January 21, 2022)

Questionnaire for Japanese

Questionnaire for foreigners

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