Niseko Tour Bus:
Information About the Niseko Winter Tour Bus

The convenient Niseko Tour Bus will continue to operate this year!
The Niseko Tour Bus connects Niseko Town’s town center with the town’s three ski resorts (Moiwa, Niseko Village, and Annupuri). The bus is not only convenient if you intend to go skiing but also serves as a means of transportation to hotels and tourist facilities. 

The busses departure time is adjusted to the arrival time of trains coming to the JR Niseko Train Station, giving you enough time to transit from train to bus smoothly.

We can also easily recommend it for simple sightseeing through the Niseko Area or commuting if you want to eat and drink at night around the ski area.

Customers from outside the town can use it for 500 yen per ride, and Niseko townspeople can use it free of charge. Click here for the timetable, the route map.

Operation overview


Service period

  • Saturday, December 19, 2020-Sunday, February 8, 2021
  • Early morning rapid service operates only during winter vacation and some weekends and holidays.
  • Click here for the tour bus service calendar.



Those who live in Niseko Town

  • You can use it for free!
  • Please fill out this application form at the designated place to receive a free pass (either the Planning and Environment Division of the government office, the general gymnasium, or the Niseko Station Tourist Information Center).
  • The fare will be free if you show your free pass when you board.
  • The free pass application period is from Tuesday, December 1, 2020, to the day before the end of the tour bus service.

Customers from outside the town

Adults (junior high school students and above)

500 yen

Elementary school students and younger

250 yen



* Payment is cash only


Routes & timetables

From 10:08 to 22:53, the bus will depart 6 times a day from the JR Niseko Station to Niseko Village, Annupuri International Ski Resort, Konbu Onsen, Moiwa Ski Resort, and then return to JR Niseko Station.

Click here for details on the timetables and the route map.



  • Niseko Town Hall Planning and Environment Division (0136-44-2121)
  • Niseko Bus Co., Ltd. Operation (0136-44-2001)



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